On January 31 of this year, under the chairmanship of the Director of the Agency - Ikrom Subhonzoda, a meeting of the advisory board of the Agency for Supervision in the field of education and science under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan was held, which was attended by the members of the advisory board and heads of departments and divisions of the central and regional apparatus, rectors of institutions of higher professional education, representatives of ministries, agencies and organizations that had educational institutions in their structure, educational institutions of preschool, general secondary, primary education, structural institutions of the Organization of the Defense Support Society of the Republic of Tajikistan.

 At this meeting, 27 issues, including the result of state certification, the result of state accreditation, licensing examination, and approval of the decisions of the Agency's regional board of directors in Dushanbe city, were considered and discussed.

 During the review of the mentioned issues, the Director of the Agency - Ikrom Subhonzoda instructed the officials to eliminate existing shortcomings, control the full implementation of educational programs, and increase the quality of education, lack of teachers and textbooks in educational institutions, supply and implementation of the adopted state programs to the heads of educational institutions and officials branch and also gave specific guidance and assignments.

  Based on the results of discussions on the agenda issues, appropriate decisions were made taking into account the heard recommendations, comments and suggestions.




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